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Become A Wish Star Today!






What is a Wish Star?

Our sky is filled with amazing stars: donors who give a minimum of $10 on a monthly basis ($120/year) to Make-A-Wish, to help us grant future wishes to kids living with critical illnesses.  These people are our Wish Stars...and we want YOU to be a Wish Star, too!


Why become a Wish Star?






You'll receive:

Our Circle of Joy e-newsletter: Monthly stories about the life-changing wishes that YOUR donations are helping to support, along with our upcoming events and activities.

Our Wish Magic e-newsletter: A quarterly overview of wishes granted in the past few months.

A twice-annual newsletter full of event information, more wish stories and donor profiles.

One annual consolidated receipt.

Please indicate in your communication preferences if you do not wish to receive e-mail/mail communications.



More Stars = A Brighter Sky






We continue to be working with more wish families than ever before, and we need to increase our number of generous monthly Wish Stars to help fulfill these wishes.

Become part of the next great story, and know that by donating, you're not only improving the life of a child with a critical illness, but the lives of their families as well.  A wish restores hope, strength and joy where before there was uncertainty. Imagine the legacy you can contribute to for as little as $10 a month.  Your gift will allow Make-A-Wish to plan for the future, decrease the number of mail-outs related to recruiting new donors, and provide convenience to you: a single sign-up equals a year of giving!

Here are a few examples of how your monthly gift can help!



















Registering to be a Wish Star is as easy as 1, 2, 3:






1. Click Here

2. Input a minimum of $10, check the 'recurring donation' box, and choose 'monthly'












3. Input some contact and payment information, and submit!


Become a monthly donor and enjoy the benefits of Connectivity, Efficiency, Convenience and Flexibility!







THANK YOU for helping us to bring more light into the Wish World sky!