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Levi's Wish

Levi is a 5-year-old boy living with a nervous system disorder. His favourite colours are blue, red and orange and his favourite treats are plain chips, Frosted Flakes and Cheerios. He enjoys playing with Lego, and video games like Mario Cart. Levi learned about Disney through commercials, he would watch...

Jade's Wish

Jade is a delightful 10-year-old girl. She has an inquisitive nature and a unique sense of humour. Jade looks on with intrigue when there is a funny mishap being carried out. Her expressions and laughter are contagious. All of Jade’s nonverbal communication is paramount. She is not able to speak....

Dalya's Wish

Dalya is a bright young lady with the most contagious smile! She is 17 years old and living with a blood disorder but if anything, it has only made her stronger and work harder for the goals she sets in life. She loves to study biology and chemistry, and will...

Lyla's Wish

Lyla and her family recently returned from her wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort and they had a fantastic time. She started her wish by getting picked up by a limousine.  This was a fun first and a great surprise for Lyla.

They were taken to London Airport...

Dylan's Wish

A nervous disorder doesn’t stop 17-year-old Dylan from doing all the things he enjoys, including playing his favourite sport, hockey. Dylan wished for an authentic Los Angeles experience to visit the most popular attractions such as the famous Hollywood sign, see the Walk of Fame, and so much more!


Owen's Wish

Owen is a four-year-old boy who had a kidney transplant. He is an energetic individual who enjoys swimming and going to the zoo to visit animals with his family! He loves to play in the rain and appreciates all things Christmas! Owen’s most cherished wish was to go to Walt...

Isaac's Wish

Isaac’s mom, Amanda referred her son for a wish last year, stating “It’s time to make some memories.”  When their family started the wish process, they knew right away Isaac’s most cherished wish would be to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. “Isaac loves rides, and he loves swimming and...

Madison's Wish

Age: 17
Medical condition: Cancer
Wish: To go to Walt Disney World® Resort
Wish Date: December 2018

Madison is a 17-year-old girl living with a bone tumour. Her favourite colours are sky blue and mint blue! Her favourite food is pizza and she enjoys salted caramel Frappuccinos from Starbucks! Her...

Daniel's Wish

Age: 3
Medical condition: Cancer
Wish: To Go to Walt Disney World® Resort
Wish Date: January 2019

Daniel is a three-year-old boy, who beat cancer! His favourite colours are red & blue, and he enjoys the TV shows Elmo & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He enjoys upbeat music and playing peek-a-boo!...

Joey’s wish helps his family look forward to a brighter future

Joey is a happy and energetic nine-year-old who loves all sports, but football tops the list of his favourites. After his leukemia diagnosis in 2013 and over three years of treatment, he is currently in clinical remission. He likes to say that he “kicked cancer’s butt”. Joey is an inspiration...