Brandon's Wish

At the age of eight, Brandon is a cancer survivor! Brandon’s mom describes his Walt Disney World® Resort wish trip:

“I would like to emphasize that the entire week seems like a dream. If I highlighted every incredible detail I would be writing for weeks and you would have a lot of reading.

The start of our adventure with WestJet was so incredible that it could have stood alone as a Wish. Sitting in the cockpit, Brandon was shown buttons he could push to sound alarms, make beeps and whistles. He grasped the steering wheel with great delight and pretended to take the aircraft down the runway and head for Florida. While the other passengers were boarding, Brandon leaned over to me and quietly said with a little grin, ‘Mom, I think we got the best airplane in the world’, and I could not agree more.

Our first day at the resort we spent riding the train, playing in the heated pool, riding the Merry-Go-Round, playing Dino Golf and exploring Matthew’s playground. The staff and volunteers were like loving grandparents and spoiled the children at every possible moment. The unlimited ice cream was a treat and became our first stop after returning from the amusement parks.

While we were waiting for a parade to start in Magic Kingdom®, Brandon met a professional Disney photographer named Catherine. Brandon showed her his new Sony Cyber-shot® digital camera donated by the Sony Canada Charitable Foundation. He told her that he was learning how to use it on his Wish Trip. Shortly after that she disappeared and about 10 minutes later she approached us again and asked, ‘Brandon, would you like to be my assistant for the parade?’ With the biggest grin you can imagine he accepted her invitation and for the next half hour we watched Brandon "assist" Catherine taking photos at Magic Kingdom®. When the parade started everyone had to stand behind the ropes along the side-walk except for two people. That’s right, Catherine had approval for her and Brandon to stand in the middle of the street with an unobstructed view as the parade started! Brandon had his camera up and ready as floats came around the corner in front of the Castle and proceeded down the street towards him. The grand finale to this was three ladies coming up to Brandon after the parade was done and requesting he take their picture to commemorate their trip to Magic Kingdom®.

Although it is hard to express this in words or give justice to this, Brandon's favourite part of the trip was the rides. He has never seen or experienced a roller coaster or a 3D ride until his wish trip. He did not understand what they were like prior to going and we had no idea if he would enjoy it. We now know that he loves the thrill of the ride and nothing is too big, too fast or too high. He loves to feel the rush when a roller coaster drops and the adrenaline from the sensory overload on the 3D rides.

Please know that we lived the week to the fullest and will remember this for the rest of our lives. ”

Flights for Brandon’s wish were generously donated by WestJet through the WestJet Cares for Kids Community Investment Program.

About Make-A-Wish® International and The Walt Disney Company®

Since the first-ever official Make-A-Wish experience more than 30 years ago, Make-A-Wish has counted The Walt Disney Company as a steadfast friend. The relationship has blossomed from allowing wish kids unprecedented access to Disney theme parks to helping us grant cruise, entertainment and sports wishes – more than 75,000 wishes worldwide and counting!

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