Justin's Wish

At the age of 16, wish child Justin is living with a neurological medical condition. He loves listening to music and singing! He also loves monster trucks, tractors and spending time outside. Justin's favourite treats are chocolate and potato chips. Justin wished to have his very own entertainment area to spend time with his family and make music!

On his wish day, his items were assembled and ready for him as a surprise when he came home from school. His family and friends gathered to share in the exciting wish celebrations! Justin’s reaction when he came in the door was priceless, he simply stated “Holy cow!” His family says their favourite part was “having everybody here when Justin got home to show him what Make-A-Wish brought him and see him grinning from ear to ear.”

From playing the drums and performing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, to watching his new TV (generously provided by the Sony Canada Charitable Foundation), Justin was overjoyed with his new items.

Justin's Dad said: “Justin likes anything to do with music so now with all the instruments and the electronics, these will let him make music for a long time. This will make Justin happy and in turn, makes us happy too. Thanks again for granting Justin his wish!”

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