Mia's Wish

Mia is a 13-year-old girl living with a brain tumour. She loves the colour blue, and her favourite subject is art. She also loves to hangout with her two cats, and dog. Some of Mia’s hobbies are singing, sports and travelling. Mia’s wish was to go to Hawaii!

Mia set off to Hawaii with lots of exciting surprises in store! Mia’s wish trip started with a limo ride to the airport, where her name was announced on board! Once in Hawaii, her first adventure was a snorkel trip where she saw dolphins, three humpback whales, and sea turtles (her favourite). Mia and her family also enjoyed a luau and took in the Hawaiian culture!

They hiked the Lahaina Pali Trail where she enjoyed the incredible views of the forest, waterfalls and ocean! At the Haleakala Crater they enjoyed the most incredible sunset bright and early.

Mia’s mom told us that the wish trip, “brought our family closer together, the whole family had a chance to get away and leave the real world behind.” When we asked Mia’s mom how the entire wish experience was, she told us it was, “the best family trip we have ever taken!”

A very special thank you to Corporate Traveller Canada for adopting Mia’s wish in lieu of corporate gifts at Christmas.

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