Samantha's Wish

Samantha, aka “Sammy” is 11 years old, battling a brain tumour. She’s had many health challenges and complications, but despite them, Sammy’s infectious energy and love of life is evident. She has a smile that goes from ear to ear in spite of all that she’s been through. Samantha shared that her wish, more than anything else, was to go on a Cruise to Mexico with her family to learn more about their culture and see pyramids.

Beyond battling a brain tumour, Samantha has had to deal with many surgeries and side effects that included one side of her body being paralyzed. She has never stopped shocking her doctors by exceeding every milestone that they set for her. Sam is even back doing her dance classes, which is a miracle in itself as her ability to walk and her ability to have normal vision were questioned early in her treatment. With all of her amazing successes, her mom told us that they have heard countless times from Samantha’s doctors that “nobody has ever done this before.”

The whole family is so grateful for the family time that Samantha’s wish brought them. Every aspect of the trip was filled with surprises of people that were honoured to play a role in Samantha’s wish.

Of course, Sammy’s favourite part of her wish was visiting the Mayan Ruins. Samantha had such excitement in her voice when she educated us on the history of the pyramids and the kings who built them. She said things like, “I can’t believe I’m standing where people stood 4,000 years ago!” And “did you know they used to throw people off the top of these if they disobeyed the king?” “There is so much history here, it’s amazing,” she said. There were two ways to climb to the top of the biggest one, which had an easy way and a hard way. Samantha said, “I’m here, so I’m doing the hard way!” She shared “when I got to the top, I told myself I wasn’t going to cry, but I couldn’t help it.”

Her mom continued “Sammy seeing and climbing the ruins watching her face soak that in was unforgettable. A wish come true.”

This WISH trip allowed SAMMY to relax, to just have fun. Her family saw her laugh in a way they have not seen in a very long time.

Together, we transform lives, one wish at a time.

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