Wade's Wish

Wade is a four-year-old boy, living with a brain tumour. His favourite colour is blue, he likes to swim, enjoys airplanes and fish, and one of his favourite foods are Goldfish crackers.  It was no surprise Wade’s wish was to go to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Wade and his family were in absolute awe of everything from the limo (and the driver) to meeting the pilot and “flying the plane” to the beauty of the resort, its beaches and the sun. Wade swam constantly and went on every slide possible. The highlight was playing on the beach, seeing all the sea life and aquariums and especially swimming with the dolphins.

Wade’s mother tells us what a long-lasting gift of memories, love and bonding the wish trip was.  

“This trip was about him being able to just be a kid and not a kid with a brain tumour. He got to feel special and got to do so many things that I think made him feel stronger.”

His sister was proud to be there with her brother on his wish, “They bonded so much and are closer because of this trip. She enjoyed turning into a fish for a week and was thrilled by everything.”

Wade’s mom summarizes the wish experience by sharing, “I have not relaxed like that in many years. I wasn’t in charge of anything and so I couldn’t be distracted and just enjoyed my children and playing with them and that was such a priceless gift.”

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