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Elijah's Wish

Elijah is an eight-year-old boy living with a nervous system disorder. He has a love for his family, being outside, playing sports and speed.  He has a contagious smile and the warmest heart.  When Make-A-Wish® first met Elijah, we heard about his dream to have his very own bike.  It...

Logan's Wish

At the age of 14, Logan is living with an autoimmune disorder.  He is adventurous and loves sports, but is often limited due to his medical condition, so really enjoys fishing.    This is a sport that Logan can handle and it is a bonus that he gets to spend...

Salim's Wish

Salim is a sweet 8-year-old boy living with an autoimmune disorder. One of his favourite colours is green, and he likes Spiderman and the Power Rangers. His favourite movie is The Boss Baby, and he enjoys pizza.  Salim wished for a bedroom makeover, so he has a beautiful space for...

Alasia's Wish

Most of us have heard of retail therapy. For Alasia, it was something she looked forward to for a long time and it was a reward for becoming a cancer survivor. Alasia chose her wish to go on a shopping spree at West Edmonton Mall.

Not only does Alasia love...

Joey’s wish helps his family look forward to a brighter future

Joey is a happy and energetic nine-year-old who loves all sports, but football tops the list of his favourites. After his leukemia diagnosis in 2013 and over three years of treatment, he is currently in clinical remission. He likes to say that he “kicked cancer’s butt”. Joey is an inspiration...

Emerson's Wish

Age: 5
Medical condition: Nervous System Disorder
Wish: Bedroom Makeover
Wish Date: May 2018

Emerson is a five-year-old girl living with a nervous disorder, whose hugs and sweet personality light up any room! She absolutely loves the colour pink, Paw Patrol and Doc McStuffins, but she also loves Batman and...

Jakob's Wish

Age: 6
Medical condition: Cancer
Wish: to have Jedi Training
Wish Date: November 2018

Six-year-old Jakob is a sweet young boy who is battling cancer. His favourite food is spaghetti and his favourite treat is red licorice! He enjoys time away at the cottage and fishing. He also absolutely loves...

Timothy's Wish

Age: 18
Medical condition: Cancer
Wish: Best Buy Shopping Spree
Wish Date: February 2018

Timothy tells us he was counting down the days until his Best Buy shopping spree wish!

He and his family were picked up in a limousine and brought to his favourite store, Best Buy Canada (North...

Luke's Wish

Age: 9
Medical condition: Leukemia
Wish: I Wish to have the ultimate gaming experience!
Wish date: March 2018

Luke is a nine-year-old boy battling cancer, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun! Luke enjoys watching YouTube videos and the Big Bang Theory. His favourite sport is football and he...

Eva's Wish

Age: 14
Medical condition:  Renal Disease
Wish:  To Have a Bedroom Makeover
Wish date:  September 2017           

It was an unseasonably warm September day when Eva got her wish. Months and months of planning led up to the moment she came into her family's home to see her wish come true....